What's 'The Good Comfy' about?

The Good Comfy® is a brand that makes you feel good about your home and the world. We believe that your home should be a place where you can relax, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the company of those you love. We also think that it should make you feel good about how your choices affect the planet, people and animals.

We want to make it easier for you to choose sustainability without sacrificing comfort or style. We're passionate about making products that are both beautiful and ethical, made from the most natural fibers with no animal cruelty, avoiding super massive productions and respecting the time and skills of everyone involved in the production process.

Our journey started in Northern India. We traveled South-East Asia for years and learned that is not only important to help providing jobs for the local communities, but the quality of those workspaces, and years of experience in craftsmanship have to be justified in fair conditions between both parties. Our team is now spread between Asia and Europe, constantly motivated to empower workers of the Indian Subcontinent through the promotion of their arts and crafts.


  • Thierry | Co-Founder

    Thierry is constantly exploring new trends in the industry and catching up with seasonal products.
    He is involved in manufacturing, supplying products, tailoring the customer experience, implementing the latest technology and standards then working behind all the little details that make people understand and support our cause.

  • Astrid | Co-Founder

    Astrid explores every corner of India and other countries of South-East Asia, studying their arts and crafts, co-creating by the hand of local artisans, making sure every product is consciously and ethically made.

  • Nitin & Deepti | Production Management

    This power couple is in charge of coordinating our small productions with skillful women artisans part of their Women Empowerment Programmes at NGO Saksham.

  • Elena | Distribution Partner

    Through her zero-waste store and showroom Mimbre, she distributes our products physically in Budapest, Hungary, available for people who like to go shopping offline.

We believe small companies make a huge difference.

And because of this, sustainability is the main focus of our supply chain. Cultural, environmental, human and animal responsibility are part of our brand's milestones.

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