Sustainable Milestones

We've just started but, in which direction are we moving?

We have set a series of milestones and major achievements that we hope you can see evolving within time. As it takes a lot of hard work and certain standards should be met in order to be a sustainable company, we are preparing ourselves from the ground up by making sure our practices today, are standards-compliant in the near future.

Our first milestone aimed for a completely ethical supply chain, but it does not end here.

safe working conditions the good comfy home textile

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Manufacturing unit located in Jaipur, India.



We know how important is to purchase real sustainable products and there is no better way to support our claims than being verified under third-party standards. For this reason, we understand is not enough for our suppliers to be certified but for us also to hold badges that will make ourselves more authentic and will give you the final certainty about our practices. We hope that with your support and purchases, further certification processes may take place and this milestone can be completed in no time.


Post-Consumer Recycling Points

Our current focus is to recycle pre-consumer textile waste, but we really want to attack the problem from all sides. Post-consumer recycled content is more likely to end up in the landfill if it doesn't go to the right recycling point. As The Good Comfy® has a global vision, we aim for a list of countries where these may take place. If you want this milestone to include your locality, want to cooperate somehow or simply want to know how it develops, stay in touch!


 Carbon Offset Programmes

the good comfy carbon offsetting goal

Selling and shipping a product worldwide, even though it has many benefits for the consumers, it still involves logistic processes that leave a carbon footprint. The Good Comfy® aims to become a carbon neutral company by establishing certain number of activities (inside and out of the supply chain) dedicated to offsetting carbon emissions. This way, you are not only purchasing a sustainably made product but also contributing to make less impact while putting these products available at your door.


If you would like to suggest any other sustainability goals that you consider important and involve the environment, people or animals, we are happy to listen. Contact us and tell us about it!