Sustainable Milestones

We've just started but, in which direction are we moving?

We have established a series of milestones and significant achievements that we aim to accomplish over time. Becoming a sustainable company requires a great deal of effort, and we are committed to meeting the necessary standards. To achieve this, we are starting from the ground up by ensuring that our current practices align with future standards.

Our first milestone aimed for a socially responsible supply chain, but it does not end here.

safe working conditions the good comfy home textile

safe workers clean environment right working conditions india the good comfy

Manufacturing unit located in Jaipur, India. 

Help us Become PETA Certified!

We understand how crucial it is to buy products from verified companies, and the best way to support our claims is by obtaining third-party verification. Therefore, we realize that it's not sufficient for only our suppliers to be audited; we need to earn badges that hold us accountable and provide you with certainty about our practices. With your support and purchases, we hope to initiate further certification processes, and achieve this milestone quickly.


If you would like to suggest any other sustainability goals that you consider important and involve the environment, people or animals, we are happy to listen. Contact us and tell us about it!