Who are we?

What's 'The Good Comfy' about?

The Good Comfy® is an online store dedicated to those decoration enthusiasts who want to make their house a better home by bringing comfort through decorative home textiles and accessories which also make a positive impact on the planet and at the same time are free from animal cruelty.

This project has been created by Astrid and Thierry, two wandering souls that happened to meet, after all places, in New Delhi, India. This is the location where you are reading us from, but as two world citizens who constantly move from place to place, The Good Comfy was specially made and thought to be anywhere on this planet where like-minded people can be found: people who want to make more sustainable choices and have their beliefs and ethics represented through beautiful home accents that do not harm the environment, people or animals.


We believe in balance between the planet, the people and their societies living in a world that appreciates things that last forever and make a positive impact on people’s lives.


We accept the world as a combination of marvellous things and we are grateful for that. Our diverse background and roots has made us understand others too, accepting them no matter what race, religion or orientation they have by promoting peaceful and happy experiences through our products and interactions.


Words should always match our actions and we try our best to make it visible through every product we create, as they represent a combination of benefits for our people and their wellbeing.

About Astrid

A marketing professional who has built many products and services for others until one day took a flight from Santiago, Chile to New Delhi and learned more about the textile industry. Here is when she decided to co-found The Good Comfy and create her products. Working with manufacturers have made her dive deep into ethical labor practices that make positive impact on people’s lives so, rest assured, any product related to The Good Comfy is ethically sourced and made by fairly paid artisans.

About Thierry

A global citizen and knowledgeable of digital infrastructure and information technology has lived in cities like Bangalore and Singapore, where he could experience and learn about how the latest technologies and innovations are born. He has traveled from Ivory Coast to other countries looking for new ways to solve problems, later co-founding The Good Comfy. Being in touch with different cultures, languages and beliefs has brought a deep sense of respect for all. Whenever you see The Good Comfy, be it online or at a store, this has been possible thanks to Thierry's technological and logistic expertise as well as his desire to make a brand that can reach anywhere in the world!

There are many definitions of ‘Comfy’, but we would like to say that we have found ‘The Good Comfy’.

The ‘Comfy’ Factor

We don’t want just a beautiful product; leaving trends aside, we curate functional home décor and accessories that you can see yourself chillin’ in every day.


Our products are made of natural fibers like cotton, linen, hemp, jute, raffia and many more. However, the work does not stop there: the ways we source our materials and products also play a major role in our sustainability journey.


Our sustainable journey has just started, but we have already prepared the path to follow as we grow. None of our products contains silk, wool, leather or any other animal fibers.

Ethically Made

The Good Comfy is working hand by hand with suppliers who provide permanent jobs and pay fair wages for their work. Apart from this, they hold social compliances, guaranteeing every artisan has a smooth work environment.

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